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Necessity of product packaging

Product packaging, in addition to the importance of product maintenance, will have a significant impact on the post-production stages

Preservation of objects and food is one of the unseen daily needs. The issue of packaging in food and products that need to be stored after production is very important.

The importance of product packaging

Product packaging has been important for a long time and after a short time has become an active and widely used industry. This industry is also advancing with increasing progress. There are many points that made the packaging of products very important and even led to a 50% improvement in the post-production stage. In this section, we will mention a few points:

Maintain the quality of products in packaging

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Some products that have a degradable structure against factors such as temperature conditions and spoilage can be preserved with proper packaging. In fact, one of the goals of mass production is to maintain products while maintaining quality in the long run.

Convenient transportation

One of the goals of packaging is easy and fast shipping. Each product has a specific shape and is often unbalanced. Stacking unbalanced products for transportation makes this difficult and endangers product safety. The packaging not only protects the product during transport from the manufacturer to the sellers but also prevents damage to the product on store shelves.

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The charm of packaging

How the product is packaged is something that attracts the consumer to look at the products on the store shelf; for this reason, many companies do extensive research on the combination of colors, designs and types of packaging. Products that are most attractive to the consumer.

Marketing through packaging

Packaging also plays an important role in displaying information about the product and the manufacturer. The package may contain instructions on how to use or create the product. Also, by entering the information of the manufacturer, it will have a direct effect on the recognition of the manufacturer.

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Ease of purchasing decisions

Packaging may also contain information on ingredients and nutrition; This information helps us in buying the product because it allows the buyer to access the information needed to make an easy decision and this information may lead the buyer to a successful purchase without having to talk to the sales staff.

Product separation

Packaging also distinguishes one brand from another because the packaging may contain the manufacturer's name, logo and design of the company, which helps the customer to easily access the product of the company from other brands. . For example, a shopper walking through a local grocery store can easily distinguish the Donkin brand from other coffees on the coffee shelf by looking at the bright orange, pink, and white packaging.